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yeah! you're back! i've been anxiously waiting to hear about your yet to be revealed christmas present... :-)


what a pretty place!


Such a rich tour...wonderful photos and narrative, thank you for sharing your journey!

Larry Roszkowiak

In 1968 I visited Chi Chi half dozen times on the USS San Joaquin County LST-1122. Loved your photos and commentary. I was present at the ceremony in which Bonins were reverted to Japanese rule. It's good to see that Chi Chi is still beautiful.


awesome photo heavy post with excellent commentary.

Don't know if I could survive 20+ hours at sea. Nice to know you have been to my homeland of Jamaica.


Lisamzim, all will be revealed in good time:)

Dina, it really is a beautiful place.

Bentobird, thanks!

Larry, what an amazing place to be posted. Did you guys have an airport back then or did you have to go by ship? Yes, the islands are still beautiful, but the sea turtle population has gone way down. Apparently the only reason there are any left at all is the temporary reprieve they got while the non-turtle eating Americans were in charge. Thanks for sharing your memories.

Thank you Jamaipanese! The ferry wasn't that bad (at least on the way there), and I have the feeling it would actually be pretty fun with a big group of friends. I've been to Jamaica five times and can't wait to go again, but I think you'll make it to Japan before I get back to Jamaica. Good luck with your visit Japan plan!

Account Deleted

It's really great for you to notice the Terminalia Cattapa seed off season and photograph it. The leaves of this luxuriant tree become red and yellow before falling off.

At that time the tree resembles the Maple.The almond kernel inside is eaten mostly by squirrels.


Aside from your wonderful write up and pictures of this place, the island itself looks too colonial for me to visit. Nothing really special as there were hardly any temples or shrine. I was also a little disappointed you didn't feature "suppon" snapping turtles which this island is prized for, instead there was Western food, stuff I could make in my own kitchen. Not enough familiar Japanese cuisines like most prefectures feature.


Aurore1, I actually got to try the nut inside a few days later when we found older seeds. It was pretty tasty, and apparently once upon a time the island kids ate them for snacks.

SoulofJapan, there is no suppon on the islands. Ogasawara is not a prefecture, it is part of Tokyo, and what we ate was was pure Tokyo cuisine. I think I mentioned myself how disappointing the lack of a special cuisine was.

mental foreplay

Tasty and beautiful. The best pictures in the world.

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